Jessica Angsomwine

Jessica Angsomwine

Jessica has eight years of experience working directly in higher education for Ellucian, the world’s largest provider of technology services and solutions for higher education.

Over the past eight years Jessica has been directly engaged in supporting chief information officers at over 75 colleges and universities to ensure world-class service and technology transformation are being delivered.

Jessica began her career at Ellucian (SunGard Higher Education) in 2009 as an intern, publishing IT newsletters for Ellucian’s client colleges and universities. After two years as an intern, Jessica began her assignment as a project coordinator and eventually project manager. In 2010, Jessica led the national survey on what students want from technology.

During the next six years Jessica worked with CIOs, VPs, and executives to better understand the value of technology, teams, relationships and customer service.

Jessica has written and analyzed several reports and surveys to identify where CIOs, technologists, technology, teams, and relationships have benefited students, staff, and faculty. The results of these reports and analysis have helped college and universities Presidents get a greater return on their investment from technology and technology teams through Ellucian.

Additionally, Jessica helped lead the annual CIO conference that brought together thought leaders, Ellucian CIO’s and university presidents to strategize the value of technology in education.

Jessica began researching the need for ongoing educational conferences as one of the greatest ways to bring value to campus executives and technology vendors. In early 2018, Jessica began attending a few of these conferences to validate the research. Most recently, Jessica decided to accept the position of Executive Director for the Education Conference Network, a vertical underneath the Energy Conference Network which had already perfected the best methods to host conference to benefit education and industry.

Jessica earned her B.S. degree in Business Management, and completed her MBA while at Ellucian.

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