Advisory Board

Mike Mathews
Chief Innovation Officer

Mike is currently the VP for Innovation and Technology at Oral Roberts University. Mike has worked on six SIS/ERP systems, VP for academic technology, Chief Innovation Officer, and a CIO at numerous colleges and universities. In 2016, Mike spoke at the United Nations on the significance of the Internet-of-People, and the innovative and academic use of technology was included in over 400 magazines, publications, and newspapers across the world.

Mike recently designed and deployed an award winning Global Learning Center with poly-synchronous classrooms and an enterprise edition of augmented and virtual reality that illustrates how Blockchain will take advantage of emerging technologies for every global learner.

Mike has spent the balance of 22 years between Cray Research, VP of Academic Technology at Elluician, and working in higher education on transformative efforts in educational technology. Mike was fortunate to work with the U.S, Department of Education and Whitehouse Office of Science and Technology on many of the building blocks that will make Blockchain in education viable. These include mydata button, EDUFAX, and the education and career positioning system.

Mike has worked at solving challenges in education by understanding big data and turning it into personal data that is beneficial to the advancement of individuals and society. Mike has received three invitations to speak at the White House awarded the Innovator of the Year in 2013 and 2017 by Campus Technology, the 2016 EDUVENTURES Innovation of the Year Award, 2017 Innovation of the Year Award by the United States Distance Learning Association, and 2017 Dr. Wayne Brown Leadership Award.